Saturday, October 24, 2009

Etsy Baby Shower Featured Shops - Volume 5

This is the 5th blog post featuring a variety of shops who have generously donated to the Etsy Baby Shower. The Etsy Baby Shower is a Virtual Baby Shower in which a number of expecting and brand new Etsy mommies receive gifts from donating Etsy shops. This shower we have raised 112 gifts from 91 Etsy Shops for 28 lucky new moms and moms-to-be! Check out my previous blog posts for more featured shops as well as my co-host Deniz's blog for more featured Etsy Baby Shower sellers!

BirdandBean first joined Etsy WAY back in 2007, she had heard about all these great things that were being made and advertised there and she set up her kids shop soon after. Monica participated in last year’s baby shower and is donating a cotton recycling onesie to a lucky baby in this shower! It is never to early to become an activist for the earth!

Monica’s inspiration is a lovely group of nephews, nieces, god kids and friend’s kids. They make her smile and when they (the kids) started appearing here on earth. Monica wanted to send something that was like a hug, so she started making kids clothes. She had not sewn since Jr High Home Ec class, but soon remembered how and was on her way!

BirdandBean features kids clothes that grow with kids, are functional, affordable and are kids clothes, not grown up clothes made smaller! After all you are only a kid once!

Back in Nov of 2007, Monica was still working at her old job but wanting so badly to be creative again. She made her goddaughters some dresses and it went crazy from there!

You can see her Dia De Los Muertos stuff here! Monica’s nephew and goddaughter have been wonderful models! And all sales will come with a unique reusable bag.

We asked Monica what advice she might have for a new mom. She said, “Well although I am not a mom myself, but an Aunt....I find breathing really important!”

You can find BirdandBean on Etsy, her website, and the BirdandBean Blog!

October 15th was MakMayDesigns 1 year Etsyversary! This is the first Etsy Baby Shower she will be participating in and she is donating a onesie to a lucky mom! Inspired by Becky’s two daughters, MakMayDesigns features a variety of onesies, bibs and tank tops. See the cute chenille appliquéd whale onesie here!

When we asked Becky what advice she had for new moms, she said, “Relax and enjoy your time with your new baby, the time truly goes so fast.” Become a MakMayDesigns Facebook Fan!

RosePrintsOnline joined Etsy in June 2008. Her inspiration for her products is her kids. She makes things she thinks she would want to see on her own kids from the things they are into. RosePrintsOnline is all about unique, custom decorated kids clothing inspired by my life and kids. The caterpillar from RosePrintsOnline is FABULOUS.

RosePrintsOnline has participated in the Etsy Baby Shower before. For this shower she is donating a beanie from her other shop CrochetandMore because that is what her assigned mom preferred.

We asked if RosePrintsOnline had any advice for new moms, she said, “Nap when they nap, especially first time Moms. You never get enough sleep, so don't feel guilty about taking a nap too. Even if there are chores, etc. to be done. Take care of yourself so you can better take care of your new baby!!”

RosePrintsOnline is offering FREE SHIPPING to BuggaBlog readers! You can convo her in advance and she will change the listing or write EtsyShower2009 in the message to seller and she will refund via Paypal.

Other generous sellers who have donated to the Fall 2009 Etsy Baby Shower include:

SewSoSweetBoutique which features handmade clothing and embroidered items.


BRKids which features wonderful applique work on kid's clothing! You can also follow BRKids at their blog!

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