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Etsy Baby Shower Featured Shops - Volume 2

xIn case you missed it, this week I am featuring a variety of shops who have generously donated to the Etsy Baby Shower. The Etsy Baby Shower is a Virtual Baby Shower in which a number of expecting and brand new Etsy mommies receive gifts from donating Etsy shops. This shower we have raised 112 gifts from 91 Etsy Shops for 28 lucky new moms and moms-to-be! Check out Volume 1 of the Featured Shops and the shops featured by my co-host, Deniz!

LizzyPops joined Etsy way back 2007. It was December, and Bronwyn started her adventure with Christmas-themed baby aprons. LizzyPops has participated in the Etsy Baby Shower before both as a donating shop and as a mom! She says, “It's a wonderful Etsy tradition, and a great example of how many good people can come together and do something nice for a total stranger. As mommies, though, we all have some very important things in common, so maybe we're not entirely strangers, after all!” This time, Bronwyn is donating newborn-sized aprons to her Etsy moms. They make for great pictures, and catch the inevitable baby dribbles with ease.

Bronwyn loves the feeling she gets when creating something new. She always has projects in progress, but the gratification of a completed craft makes her feel so happy and accomplished. This is especially so when she’s given new life to something old, so she’s gradually shifting more toward recycled fabrics from antique quilt tops and vintage clothing.

Right now, the shop shelves at LizzyPops aren't overflowing. You can find aprons for babies, from newborn through to one year, overalls, and Uniquilts (shown here) which are crazy quilted, and full of wild colors and fun textures. Perfect for curious little hands. Her SuperSize Me Bibs, which are reversible and unique are hanging out at The Makery, an adorable little shop in Louisville,. Bronwyn plans to add bibs back to her Etsy shop soon. So contact her if you want a bib, and she’ll hustle her bustle to make them!

We asked Bronwyn what advice she might have for new moms. She said, “Every new mom experiences stress in the first few months. When you start to feel overwhelmed, remember that you are not alone, you are not crazy, and you are not a bad mother! Take a deep breath, maybe even step outside for a moment, and remember that you can do this! Cherish that new little life - that little life that seems bigger and more important than anything else in the universe.”

If you find LizzyPops from this blog or are a part of the Etsy Fall Baby Shower of 2009, let Bronwyn know! She'll refund $5 from your purchase price (minimum purchase $20, please). Want to see more LizzyPops? Become a fan on Facebook!

OpieBaby joined Etsy in April 2009. This is the first year that Lindsey has participated in the Etsy Baby Shower and she will be donating a Custom Travel Wipe Case. You can see an example of her lovely wipes cases here!

Lindsey wanted to make things that she knew that she would like to use! She loves custom and unique wipe cases and onesies. You and your child stand out more if they don’t look like every other kid out there! OpieBaby started as a hobby. Lindsey loves to create things and knew that she might have a chance at actually selling some of the items. She is currently working on some new items so keep a look out!

We asked Lindsey if she had any advice for new moms. Lindsey said, “Treasure the early infant times. I remember thinking that I couldn't wait till mine could walk, talk and communicate. Now I miss the times when she would just lay in my arms!”

MonogrammyingByTammy joined Etsy on June 26, 2008. Being from the south where everything is personalized, she have always loved monogrammed items. Tammy has two little girls (5 and 2) and she could never find affordable embroidered items for them. So she figured she would just make them herself. More and more people complimented on them and wanted to purchase them, and now here she is! This is Tammy’s first time participating in the Etsy Baby Shower and she isn’t quite sure what she’ll be donating, so it’ll be a surprise!

MonogrammingByTammy has embroidered items for baby and children. Tammy has a variety of items and is always open to making those eccentric custom orders. The products range from bibs and burp cloths, to mother/daughter aprons, all the way to a-line and pillowcase dresses with matching diaper covers. Currently her most popular items are the birthday tutu outfits, which include a ribbon onesie, ribbon diaper cover, tutu, and matching hairbow. You must see this first birthday Tutu outfit! It is a beautiful blend of turquoise, greens, and pinks.

We asked Tammy what advice she has for new moms, she said, “Being that I am a perfectionist at everything I do, I had to learn that I was missing out on some really special moments with my girls by stressing over everything being spotless and in it's place. You know when you go to craft shows, you always see those signs that ‘Housework can wait,’ well to a degree that is the truest statement I have ever heard. Time seems to move by so quickly, as my oldest daughter is somehow old enough to be in kindergarten and I am not sure how or when the time pasted for that to happen. Stop, Breathe, and Enjoy the most awesome opportunity ever given to you...Motherhood.”

MonogrammingbyTammy is offering 10% off your total purchase for all the blog readers through December 31, 2009. Use the code BSBR1009 in your notes to seller! Want to see more of Tammy's work? Check out her other Etsy Shop or become her Fan on Facebook!

Other amazing shops that have donated to the Etsy Baby Shower include:

TishaTooDesigns which features original and inspired baby hats, blankets, and bibs.

TwoLittleTots which features a variety of baby products including hair clips, bibs, burp cloths, and crayon roll-ups! You can learn more about TwoLittleTots on the TwoLittleTots Blog!

Don’t forget to read my co-host DecorativeLabel’s blog today to see more featured Etsy Baby Shower shops!

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