Wednesday, September 2, 2009

BuggaLove Newsletter Responses are rolling in!

I am so excited that the response to my announcment of the BuggaLove Newsletter has been so positive! I finished sending all the emails to former clients yesterday and now the responses from those who WANT THE BUGGALOVE NEWSLETTER are rolling in!

It was so important to me to make this an OPT-IN email list instead of the OPT-OUT emails so frequently sent by companies these days. I wanted to be sure that each person who received these future emails from me wanted them because I know my inbox is bombarded each day with emails that I would prefer not to get.

I do appreciate the time that each person who has opted-in has taken to reply! I hope to see many more replies in the next few days. If you are a BuggaBlog reader and you are as excited to receive this newsletter as we are to send it please feel free to contact me to request to join the BuggaLove mailing list!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mattel is exempted from 3rd party Testing requirements of CPSIA

In case you haven't heard, the company who is the very reason for the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act has essentially been exempted from the third party testing. It leaves most of us who are desperately struggling to comply with this unwieldy law shaking our heads in despair.

Feel free to read up on this issue, there are many, many articles about it. Here are a select few:

Handmade Toy Alliance Press Release

Chicago Tribune

BuggaLove is still threatened with going out of business due to the third party testing issue come February 2010. Not because I don't want to have my products tested and certainly not because they won't pass the lead limits, but because the costs associated with this testing is astronomical. See my previous blog series: The Cost of Compliance with CPSIA - Volume 2.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The BuggaLove Newsletter is Coming!

Since I started my business in March 2007, exciting things have happened! We went from A Laine Designs to BuggaLove and we can now be found on Etsy,, and Artfire!

I am writing today to let you know that the new BuggaLove Newsletter is coming! First, each current and former client will receive an email detailing that this newsletter is coming. This is a one-time-only message giving clients the opportnity to opt-in. Clients will not receive any more emails unless they reply stating they would like receive the newsletter. I know how most people dislike receiving SPAM (as I do), and it is definitely not my intention to send any unwanted emails!

This newsletter will visit your inbox about once a month and will include updates about BuggaLove, new product information, specials, sale information and coupon codes for loyal customers! If you are as excited to receive this newsletter as we are to send it please feel free to contact me to request to join the BuggaLove mailing list!

Other ways to stay in touch with BuggaLove include: Following us on Twitter, becoming our Fan on Facebook, or visiting the BuggaLove Blog!

I hope to hear from you soon!