Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mattel is exempted from 3rd party Testing requirements of CPSIA

In case you haven't heard, the company who is the very reason for the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act has essentially been exempted from the third party testing. It leaves most of us who are desperately struggling to comply with this unwieldy law shaking our heads in despair.

Feel free to read up on this issue, there are many, many articles about it. Here are a select few:

Handmade Toy Alliance Press Release

Chicago Tribune

BuggaLove is still threatened with going out of business due to the third party testing issue come February 2010. Not because I don't want to have my products tested and certainly not because they won't pass the lead limits, but because the costs associated with this testing is astronomical. See my previous blog series: The Cost of Compliance with CPSIA - Volume 2.

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