Friday, July 17, 2009

What I'm working on today

Hello everyone!
It's time for another post on What I'm Working on Today! I think this will likely become a regular post because I've always got something working on my plate and I want you to know what's coming! (And if you've placed an order with me, it's a great way to figure out where I am with your order.)

So, here's What I'm Working on Today!
1) 7 airplane single flyers (custom order)
2) Flower mobile
3) 2 AutoMobiles
4) 2 Sailboat mobiles

On Deck!
5) 3 airplane single flyers (custom order)

I've got 4 onesies and a mobile going out to the post office this afternoon! I *wish* I had taken pics of the mobile, it came out beautifully. It is a custom Dragonfly Mini mobile made in Lemongrass.

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