Thursday, October 29, 2009

Etsy Baby Shower Featured Shops - Volume 10

We are nearing the end of our Baby Shower Shop Features!  For the past 10 days, I have been featuring shops that participated in the Fall 2009 Etsy Baby Shower! The Etsy Baby Shower is a Virtual Baby Shower in which a number of expecting and brand new Etsy mommies receive gifts from donating Etsy shops. This shower we have raised 112 gifts from 91 Etsy Shops for 28 lucky new moms and moms-to-be! Check out my previous blog posts for more featured shops!
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If you're interested in participating in the next Etsy Baby Shower, contact us! You can also stay updated on this event through our brand new Etsy Baby Shower Blog!

Handcreativity joined Etsy in September 2009, but only started stocking her shop in October. Handcreativity is inspired by nature, beauty, and love. Handcreativity featuresGuest Book and Journal Pen Sets. They’re all one of a kind. The Guest Books are for Weddings, Bridal Showers and Baby Showers. The Journals are generally for everyday usage but there are some models for special occasions (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Family Gatherings). This is Handcreativity's first time participating in the Etsy Baby Shower. She is donating a baby shower guest book.

We asked HandCreativity what advice she ahs for new moms. She said, "The best advice will be to trust themselves and follow their gut feelings. As a new mom myself, I can definitely tell them to enjoy the times cause time flies and when you notice the baby is already a couple of months old. Also do not force themselves too much, all is well that ends well!"

For this holiday season HandCreativity is offering free domestic shipping on all Journals! You can find HandCreativity on Twitter and on her blog!

TishaTooDesigns joined etsy in June of 2009. Growing up in a wonderful and amazing family in a little town of Corrales, New Mexico really plays a huge role in her inspiration. Playing in their garden and helping her mother care for our little community of wild critters nurtured a wonderful sense of imagination and creativity. TishaTooDesigns creates unique and imaginative baby wear with a whimsical touch. Many creations use 100% cotton materials. This is her first time in the Etsy Baby shower and TishaTooDesigns is so excited to help support our wonderful community of crafters. She will be donating a new set of onesie and bib with an embroidered toadstool on the front.
You must see the Veggie Swaddler, the original inspiration for the whole business. 100% percent cotton and machine washable, snuggles little ones to sleep and is completely adorable.
We asked TishaTooDesigns what advice she might have for new moms. She said, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Friends and family are there to help you in this new transition for all the members in the family.”
TishaTooDesigns is offering a 10% discount on your order in the month of November. For blog readers only, enter code NOV%10GOBABY. You can also follow TishaTooDesigns on Twitter!

DesignaBag joined Etsy in September 2009. DesignaBag strives to create fun, functional and affordable things. DesignaBag loves making things for kids that are fun and adorable! She enjoys making things that you can't find on a rack at a store! She make custom bags (including diaper bags) custom shirts/onesies, hairbows, cloth diapers, slings... give her a pattern and she will make it and figure out a way to make it her own. :) This is DesignaBag’s first time participating in the Etsy Baby Shower. She will be donating a customized bib and burp cloth set.

Check out these messenger diaper bags, the most popular item at DesignaBag

We asked DesignaBag what advice she has for new moms. She said, “Take time for yourself. Grab a quick nap or a long shower when you can!”

DesignaBag is offering free shipping when you buy 3 or more items! You can also find DesignaBag on her Blog!

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