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Etsy Baby Shower Featured Shops - Volume 7

It's been a full week of posts featuring shops that donated to the Etsy Baby Shower! And we're not done yet. There were 91 shops to donate 112 gifts, which is amazingly generous but not a surprising response from the Etsy community. I've found they always rise to the occassion. Don't forget to check out more Featured Shops on my co-host Deniz's blog!

JudyAGoddard joined Etsy on April 20, 2008. Several years ago Judy made wooden growth charts and sold them on the internet for a specific site. But they were too bulky and there were issues. So she tabled the idea and then, in 2008, she discovered that she could make the charts on canvas, like a floor cloth and away she went!

Judy’s shop has really evolved since she first joined Etsy. She's gone from felted baskets to knitting and crochet supplies to fine art prints and cards, etc. But through all those changes, she always carried the canvas growth charts.

This is Judy’s second time participating in the Etsy Baby Shower. Check out her "Down on the Farm" growth chart. We asked Judy what advice she has for new moms. She said, “ Be involved in your children's lives. Make sure you make it to little league practice, school plays, dance recitals. Kids know you care when you share their adventures and successes. And just one more thing... Read To Your Children. Then they'll love to read.”

For the from November 1st – December 15th, all items will be 20% off at JudyAGoddard! Feel free to pop by Judy's Blog, become a Fan on Facebook, or Follow her on Twitter!

MyWoobie is COMING SOON! The day it was created was October 8th, 2009 and MyWoobie just received their labels this weekend, so hopefully they will have woobies listed and ready to sell soon!

Woobies are small minky blankets with ribbon loops. Nancy loves minky and loves babies so it just seems like the right thing to create. Nancy recalls that when her children were little they didn’t have things like these! This is MyWoobie’s first time participating in the Etsy Baby Shower, but she intends to keep doing it from now on. MyWoobie donated to two very lucky moms! Each Mom chose which fabric combination they would like. The first one chose a blue and brown combination for her little boy and the second Mom chose a very colorful flower pattern with hot pink.

We asked Nancy what advice she had for new moms, she said, “Make every minute count and ENJOY your children every day! One day you will blink and they will be grown and having babies of their own!”

ILoveYoYo first opened with a different shop in February 2008. After a while, Nilufer decided to open a new store only for YoYo Appliques and opened ILoveYoYo in May 2008. Nilufer has a full time job and sews yoyo's to relax herself after long days. She sells them like supplies because she doesn't have enough time to design them.

Nilufer learned to make YoYo’s two years ago and fell in love with them. It’s very traditional quilting technique originally made with cotton fabric. She started to sew them with satin, satin lining, crepe, organza and velvet fabric. Check out her stain heart YoYos, they are ADORABLE and I can think of a million uses for them!This is ILoveYoYo's first time participating in the Etsy Baby Shower and she is generously donating YoYos to two moms! She's sending Pink & Red Heart YoYo's to a mom with a baby girl and Blue Heart YoYo's to a mom with a baby boy.

We asked Nilufer what advice she has for new moms. She said, "My son will be 10 in January. I can advise two things to all moms. First of all what you are scared of most, you have to teach it first. If you [are] scared your baby can fall down from the couch, first you have to show how he can come down. Second thing is if your baby fell down don't panic and start to laugh. Tell them that it's so funny and they have to show you again. Believe me when you behave like this they never cry very long. They also learn that they can get hurt but it's gonna stop at sometime."

Keep ILoveYoYo in mind for the holidays, for the Christmas season all red, green and white yoyo’s are on sale for $2.00! ILoveYoYo also welcomes wholesale requests and custom orders. Use code TOMTIS to get 10% off the baby colors yoyo appliqués (pink, blue, white and yellow) for the month of November.
Want to see more YoYos? Check out ILoveYoYos Flickr album, Blog, and follow Nilufer on Twitter!

Other generous shops that have donated to the Fall 2009 Etsy Baby Shower include:
AbleMabel which features a wide variety of baby items and home decor. You can also visit AbleMabel's Blog!
BabyBaharCollection which features baby shower favors!

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