Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gymboree takes a hit due to CPSIA

I am a HUGE fan of Gymboree. They have excellent quality clothes and although the prices can be steep, I'm always scoping out the best deals and hitting the Gymboree outlet store near me which has made them affordable.

Sadly, Gymboree has been affected by CPSIA. The best post I've seen yet on this is on Rick Woldenberg's blog here:

By the way, if you haven't read Rick's blog before it is a wealth of good information. I highly suggest reading it regularly.

For my son, I bought things from Gymboree up to 2 years in advance for him when I could get great deals on sale. He won't fit into these clothes for at least another year (he's 6 months old now). All of a sudden these SAME clothes, made of the SAME materials are deemed unsafe by CPSIA. I will most certainly not be throwing all these clothes out. Who can afford to do that? And my kids aren't any less safe for wearing Gymboree.

I am so disgusted with CPSIA.

One other thing that has been weighing on me. For all of you who are still sending letters, PLEASE check your spelling and grammar. It might just be my own personal pet peeve, but so many people offer the letter they've written for others to use. Some of these letters are full of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Please correct these errors before you send them out. And do not use abbreviations like SAHM. People who are not as involved in the online world do not know what a SAHM is! Write it out. Also, so many people have complained about receiving a form letter from their representative. Why would you send a form letter if you don't like getting one in return? This makes no sense to me. Keep fighting the good fight. It's amazing how fast a year goes, we don't really have that much time.


myminimocs said...

great info - thanks for the link & for posting it jess! and yes when i'm actually sending a business or formal correspondence i do double check spelling & grammer and your name would look like this...
"Jessica" LOL

Chris said...

Thank you so much for your informative blog. I have connected with Essco and they have been a great help!

I also wanted to give an illustration to this stupid law. What's REALLY stupid is that my congressman helped to pass this bill that forces testing on things that MAY contain pthalates, even if we know they don't. In the mean time, here in my beautiful state of Hawaii, when they burn the cane fields for harvest, they purposely burn the polyethylene drip line and PVC pipes because they are too lazy to take it up. This drip line that has KNOWN phthalates and the PVC pipes release dioxins that cause cancer when burned. All this is legal. I can teach my daughter not to eat her footed jammies, but I can't teach her not to breathe. Why worry about the rubber duck, when she is probably bathing in phthalates that have leached into our water.

Jessica said...

All I can say is WOW. Thank you for sharing that story. I really have no words to describe my reaction to that. **dumbfounded silence**

Petite Spoon said...

Thank you for posting this story. I am in such a shock also since all this hoopla about CPSIA passed. I am also a fan of Gymboree ... I am not going to throw out the clothes. There are more serious things to worry about then lead poisoning ... how many people are dying of lead poisoning that I have heard of. If we have the money like the tobacco company ... the government will not touch anyone of us on this issue. And people are still smoking and sometimes in front of their children!!!