Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BuggaLove Recommends - Holiday Edition 2008

Last year, my kids had a Handmade Holiday.  Really, we just bought them one big gift and a few stocking stuffers. The BIG gift was their kitchen set. Which I then finished myself to match our living room. We got it from Willow Toys. The quality and craftsmanship are superb. I can say a year later that this set is going to last us for many years to come despite the fact that my kids play with it daily and they're not always gentle.  These toys also come with a lifetime guarantee. I consider them an investment. We got them the oven and refrigerator. There is plenty of storage space for all the kitchen accessories.

Every kitchen needs play food! I found a couple of wonderful Etsy shops to fit the bill. Their felt and cotton creations have more than held up to being cooked with by my two chefs for almost a year now and look as good as new. The first seller I'd like to introduce you to is BugBitesPlayFood who made our vegetable set. But beyond fruits and vegetables, this seller offers an amazing and creative variety of food items for your child to play with.

The fruits we purchased were equally fabulous. Made of felt and cotton, these fruits are colorful and very well made. We bought these from aebaby on Etsy. AeBaby not only offers these fun food creations but sells the most adorable I Spy bags and Loveys too!

Lastly, when we finished the kitchen set, I used a magnetic paint on the refirgerator door. I wanted to have letters to stick on it, just like a real refrigerator. But down with the plastic letters! I found these letters made from felt by MiChiMa on Etsy. You can get letters, numbers, names, uppercase, lowercase, you name it! These have held up well and were very colorful! The perfect finishing touch to our new kitchen!

Yes, I realize that this is the 2008 edition! Sadly, we didn't do much of a Handmade Holiday this year. And those items we DID  buy handmade I can't show you yet, lest the recipeint be a BuggaBlog Reader.  BUT there was ONE item we had custom made for our Buggas. I'd like to introduce you to CurlyQCuties. The most adorable custom monsters in the world! We bought one for each bugga to stick in their stockings. They came faster then I expected and are very well made. When I asked my 3 year old what to get her brother for Christmas yesterday, she told me a monster. I think I found the perfect thing to fit the bill! This monster isn't the one I got for him, but it was too cute not to show you.

Hope you enjoyed the BuggaLove Recommends Holiday Edition! Happy T-giving everyone!


Anonymous said...
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Jenifer said...

How fun! I love the play kitchen. My son is just getting to the "pretend" age and he would love the play food. So cute!

Erin said...

Beautiful kitchen! Just gorgeous ...