Tuesday, January 20, 2009

7 Stages of Grief

Every day I scour the web and the CSPC website for new information about the CPSIA. And every day there’s some roller coaster ride of “good news” and “bad news” first saving my business from extinction and then destroying it and putting me out of business. I realize there are a lot of people who have been dealing with this issue much longer than I have. Since late November I’ve been reading, researching, placing calls, and discussing it with anyone who will listen on a daily basis. My part time home based business gets even less of my time and learning about CPSIA and lobbying for change has become almost a full time job.

I also went through the 7 stages of grief during this time. That must sound a little wonky but I bet if you search your feelings, you might find it to be true of you too. (That statement was very Star Wars Geek of me)

Stage 1 – Shock/Denial – “Naaaah, this can’t be true!” “That’s just crazy!” “What I’m reading has GOT to be wrong.”

Stage 2- Pain – The thought of losing the business I’ve been building over the past 2 years hurts me to the core. My items are part of who I am. Sometimes I am even sad when they sell because I really love them!

Stage 3- Anger – Anger at those who passed the law and anger at not being aware of it until it seemed too late to change anything.

Stage 4- Depression – Feeling a sense of impending doom as I prepare to liquidate inventory and go out of business.

Stage 5 - The Upward Turn -Slight hope as change starts to happen that maybe it will all be ok and I will be able to stay in business after all.

Stage 6 - Reconstruction and Working Through - Creating a business plan that I’m comfortable with that includes a reasonable testing program leaving me with a high level of confidence that my products comply with the lead laws, even if they don’t comply with the third party testing requirement.

Stage 7 - Acceptance and Hope - Becoming comfortable with my business plan and hope that things will change based on some of the statements and letters I’ve seen from the CPSC and legislators.

So, since I’ve reached the acceptance stage. I am going to cautiously move forward with my reasonable testing program and my business plan, which includes discontinuing a few things and expanding a few others. But first, I might take a few days to just decompress from this roller coaster. I will still likely report on things I find of interest regarding the CPSIA, but I’m going to work hard at making my blog a place for other BuggaLove news as well.


Ms. Esthetician said...

Thanks for the post, I just linked to your blog.


Together we can climb out of this mess, called an economy.

Wendy Romero/Bobs and Bits said...

As a social worker & a fellow children's artisan, I totally relate to this post. Great job spelling it out like that.

Wacky Hermit said...

You're faster than me. I'm still on Anger, but I think I'm going to follow it up in 2010 and 2012 with Stage 6A, Revenge. I have a vote and a voice and I *will* use them!

HipMelon-HipChey said...

Bugga, you and I think a lot alike. I have likened this whole situation to the grieving process.